You love good food even though you are not sure you can make it? Daze House offers world class cooking classes for guests and the public. Hosted by various local and international chefs, the cooking classes will focus on educating, creating and telling stories through different cuisines in a fun and easy way. We invite you to come experiment with food, get to know us and our chefs as we explore new and old ways of dining, giving you an unforgettable multi-cultural experience. Our kitchen is well-designed with modern finishes yet user friendly and inviting to novices and seasoned cooks alike.


We believe in storytelling and what better way to tell a story than with food! Our chefs will be leading the classes, sharing in their varied styles of cooking, their inspirations and their food-must-nots. The classes are conducted in group settings, making it easy even for the less confident cooks to come out of their shell and create magic while making new friends.


Preparing Cocktails
Outdoor Dinner
Super Health Food