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The Kin Watu Project 

The people meet art, the people are art, the people create art. 

Kin Watu is an independent art project started from the Daze house brand. As a digital storytelling and exhibition platform we help a community of emerging African artist’s gain financial security, and professional development. Kin Watu with Daze hosts monthly meet and greet events where artists get the opportunity to network and create with others at our Daze locations around the world. Artists are given the opportunity to sell their works on the Daze store to our global audience, with the Gallery commitments.

Ceramic Vases

We do not hold contracts over artists, hide who collects their work or charge exuberant commissions. We want to create a safe environment where it is known for artists who are looking to take their work to the next stage can go with little commitment outside of making work they care about. We host Paint & Sip events at our hotel and various locations to help familiarize emerging artist with talking to enthusiests, while they are paid to host the class. Building an inclusive art narrative is our mission and we indeed hope to do so with our Kin Watu project. 

Ceramic Vases
Rain Landscape

Are you an emerging African artist looking to showcase your work and story on the platform, or would you like to attend one of our artist events? Sign up to become a member. 

Contribute to this platform 

Are you looking to host an event or contribute to the Kin Watu project?


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