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5 places to discover contemporary African art and Artist’s

With the media filled with news about either the next wave or vaccinations, it’s hard to hear anything about art. After multiple Paint and Sip’s from our side where the question came up several times, we thought we’d share some of our favorite sources of what’s new, what’s happening and where to go for art.

#1 Art News Africa

Working with artists and curators, ANA is an online publication & collaboration platform chronicling the African Art Revolution. With an archive of newsletters you can easily catch up on artists they worked with, previous exhibitions and explore their Instagram linking you to the art world and amazing creators directly.


An international publication, Sugarcane, offers a library of work and information about Black artists in the parts of culture, art, film, performance and literature. Started in 2006 by Melissa Hunter, the magazine focussed their media and coverage on Africa and the wider diaspora. If you’re looking to grow your collection into international art, finding black art and artists on here is easy. Check out their website for more:

Their Instagram is worth a follow:


A inspiring collective, Heart is art, is an Instagram page curated to showcase South African women artists’. The work showcased is range from ceramic, fine art and multimedia artists who display the diversity of the art industry in the country and the selection of women artists one can support.

#4 BKhz Gallery

Founded by artist himself, Banele Khoza, Bkhz is a collective space that exists as an artist-art exchange with a focus on contemporary pan-African art. The current gallery space is in Rosebank but offers regular insight into the art industry, opportunities and may we so bold to say, a relationship with artists through dialogue of their work and the context of the environment.

Have a look at their website for more:

#5 August house

An art hub and home to many top artists’, August house is first an Artist’s studio space but with so many talented people in their network regularly has information about shows and progress in the industry. Check out their website for information for upcoming events and exchanges.


There you go, now you can spend all your money on art!

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